A full-service design and production company and developer of interactive technologies. From developing virtual reality softwares to producing interactive installations in museums, we do it all. We create interactive applications and installations for many industries ranging from education and cultural heritage to museums and exhibitions.

Our interdisciplinary structure with industrial designers, interior designers, architects, computer & electronic engineers and graphic artists bring diverse expertise and unlimited creativity to the projects. 


Depending on the projects's scope and requirements, reo-tek collaborates with a wide range of business partners consisting of firms, institutions, and organizations to expand and specialize its products and services. 



We dream BIG and turn it into a reality

We work with many renowned brands

We are a full-service company with our experienced team

We are an interdisciplinary team that can tackle any sector

We have more than

15 years of experience

We have taken place in various international projects

Silikon Blok Kat: Z No:28 06800 ODTÜ Teknokent / ANKARA       

info@reo-tek.com   |   +90-312-2101755

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